Dienstag, 29. April 2014

One way trip to nowhere

Is real life becoming a play?
I try
but its's hunting me
finds me everywhere I try to hide
Should I look for the exit sign?
I am on a one way trip to nowhere

Sometime darkness takes over
it crawls inside me
destructive thoughts
intense moments
intimacy and unity
jealousy eating me alive

My diseased ego needs pampering
Replacement for once happy thoughts
stole my life

Sonntag, 27. April 2014

A mentors tip

A choreography teacher once told my that real art lies within minimalism. That does not mean that all art is minimal, it just means that it has to be reduced to its basis. He told me to question every part of my piece and think about, whether it is necessary for the piece or not. Throw out any extras and embellishments, they only blur the message. Keep the elements that make sense within. This will improve whatever you do. I'm quite thankful for this tip and use it whenever I can within my professional life and private passions, though it works best within the parts of my life I am more used to.


Art lies within destruction and pain
The happy artist ceases to exist
Performing art is yet another form of prostitution
while the excuse lies within a declaration as fake
in the same moment the artist shall be on a quest for truth
Every art includes stripping down your soul
becoming vulnerable
that is why I quit
and that is why I found my way back

Out of the cocoon

I came from a world of love and trust
thrown into darkness, pain and disgust
Replacement, Adjustment, Jailbreak, Destruction and letting go.
I am not the same anymore
I am not sane anymore
I am not the one anymore

When I once met you I was fucked,
you made me whole and destroyed me again.
Now she is in my life though I never invited her in
She is not welcome in any way
I have no choice
I would gladly kick her out of any life
Dark thoughts of destruction

Reason - is not what I am going to be

Super-old (Written when I was about 15)

I'm a bad angel in a cruel world
I never watch your face
before I turn around.


Heart-less - Less-heart
a vital necessity
less sympathy and less compassion
less love and pain
Hearts are overrated
life-sustaining waste