Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Museums and churches

The most beautiful thing about art is that its meaning lies in the eyes of the viewer.
It can be everything you want it to be, make you think, bring joy and other feelings etc.
So why the hell do museums act as if they were churches? Everyone has to be quiet, walking around in awe. Children are not welcome, if they enjoy art in their way, the museum's staff will be right at your side complaining although your children didn't even touch anithing or scream around, but they could! Please keep them on a leash! Too little movement and critical thinking are a problem of modern civilization causing mental and physical deficits. I object to telling my child to sit still and be quiet because this is what society wants us to be, this is the definition of a good child. Babies are allowed to dream but as soon as they can walk they should act like an adult. I want my child to think and enjoy her body. Sure we have to be part of this society but not assimilated at any cost. Noone should tell you how to correctly view art, that's arrogant: "hey, art is borring, please view it that way." Some time ago theatres and museums were vivid places of joy and discussions, people were alive there, art was alive. The best thing about art is that contrary to religion no one can tell what it has to mean, no indoctrination, its meanings are diverse, and so should its reception be allowed. I want vivid museums and not tell my child, that they are a place of quiet contemplation, that's bullshit. I don't know any artist who wants his works to be recieved in deadsilence and judged like a critic. I don't want to have the same feeling of pressure as when visiting a church in a museum, this - considering its origin - should actually be the complete opposite place.  The pieces we praise now were mostly part of riots and outsiders in their beginning. Less judging more art history for the museum staff and visitors would be great.

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