Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

My companion

He stays by my side
Won't let me go without him
Every day I get up
Every time I lie down
He is there and follows me everywhere
I can't see a way out
A deep sadness keeks crushing emotions every time they try to fight their way through towards daylight
Sadness, my new companion, will you ever let me go again?
My once happy life tries to vanish from my thoughts.
The mourning about a lost love
Maybe 10 happy years are more than others get
Maybe it was too good to be true
I had it all
And lost so much
The safeness and warmth of a family
Love is so deep, I can't just push it aside.
It is the inner bond of a family
Amourosness, the hormonal imbalance fades with time, it's superficial and volatile
Love is so much deeper
No need for exceptional hormonal conditions.

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